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In Uganda, ophthalmology is a neglected public health sector, as limited resources are being invested in eye care. There are only about 40 practicing Ophthalmologists in a with a population of 42 million, which is less than 1 eye specialist per million of the population; and one ophthalmic clinical officer per 205,000 of the population, while there are only 2 ophthalmic nurses. 

Half of all blind people who have lost their sight due to preventable causes such as cataracts, could be treated, while 70% of children in Uganda can be helped to see again at low cost, so there is hope given the right support and investment into the sector. 


We aim to support eye health services within Uganda and reduce the burden of avoidable blindness, through key strategic interventions working hand in hand with partner organizations, Hospitals, Ministry of Health, Local and International donors.

Our Vision:

To make quality Eye health care accessible and affordable to all.

Our Mission:

To provide and support quality Eye health care services to mitigate preventable blindness as a means to empower individuals and communities.

Eye Health Uganda was founded by Mrs.Primrose Magala, a Ugandan Senior Ophthalmic Nurse at Londons’ famous Moorfields Eye Hospital, and author of

The Eye Opener book.

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